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Why Your Company Needs Sales Consulting

Fri Jun 10, 2022 | jean-francois roberge


Sales consulting is a valuable tool for any company, and it’s no wonder why so many businesses actively seek out knowledgeable consultants. From its name alone, anyone can gather that sales consulting is about driving up the number of sales a company makes, bringing in revenue, and seeing significant financial gains. All of this is not only valuable, but also necessary for businesses to succeed. What some people might not know, however, is that sales consulting is so much more than that!

One thing that doesn’t initially come to mind when you hear the words “sales consulting” is team building. Structuring your team, forging stronger bonds, and finding the right people for the job are all essential for increasing your sales. Teams are the foundation for productivity, and the more your team feels connected, the better results a company will obtain.

A study found that teams who collaborated worked 64% longer on their tasks than solitary participants (Forbes).  They also reported feeling less fatigued, more engaged, and tasks had higher success rates (Forbes). This report, among others, is encouraging for businesses looking to increase their sales revenue. All they have to do now is boost collaboration while also creating a strong team.  

That’s easier said than done, however. And businesses are quickly learning that outside help could be the answer.

Since the Covid-19 pandemic, businesses have been struggling to retain new-hires. Or, for that matter, draw interest to their current job listings. Statistics show that we’re in a “candidate-centric market” (Forbes), in which candidates aren’t as keen on taking just “any old job.” They’re looking for one that sparks their interest.

That’s where sales consulting is extremely valuable.

By teaching companies how to position themselves successfully in the competitive hiring market, creating unique sales strategies that favour collaboration, and encouraging mastery at every level of the sales ladder, consultants are one of the greatest assets in any business’ arsenal right now.

So, what exactly is sales consulting, and how does it benefit businesses?


What Is Sales Consulting? 

Just as the name suggests, sales consultants are all about applying specific skills to increase a company’s sales. They do this by teaching new ways of approaching the sales process and suggesting various improvements that can be made within a company’s strategy.

Many consultants have been working in a particular field, both as a sales representative themselves and a consultant, for many years. They’ve learned how to network with people and know the ins-and-outs of selling products and services.

Good consultants know that every business problem requires a new outlook and a tightened-up sales-approach. They know where to find the right information and how to apply it to any sales model. During periods of uncertainty, a sales consultant can act both as the voice of reason and the greatest motivator for your team. 

Sales consultants can do a lot for you company, including:


  • Establishing clear KPIs

  • Teaching advanced sales strategies

  • Increasing effectiveness of team communication

  •  And improving current marketing tactics

Each new strategy that sales consultants teach companies, and their teams, are invaluable to the future overall success of a business.


How Sales Consulting Can Increase Hiring Rates

As people have begun returning to work, and teams are being welcomed back together in the office again, a startling realization is being made. Many in the sales industry are struggling to retain employees, or to find the right fit for their team. There’s increased concerns and uncertainty for employers. Building a strong team is harder than it ever was before­­––not because people are reluctant to work together, but because it’s a challenge to encourage people to apply for available sales positions.

Candidates waiting to be interviewed

Sales consulting teaches leaders in the industry how to position themselves better in the hiring market. As experts in their respective fields, sales consultants have a deeper understanding of not only customer expectations, but also employee expectations.

With years of experience in the sales industry, consultants have seen how the right team dynamics can boost company-wide sales. What’s more, sales consultants will have tips and tricks that they can share with your team that will better their results.

It might seem strange at first to invite someone who isn’t from your company to help build your team. There’s sometimes the worry that a sales consultant won’t understand the details of your industry. The good news, however, is that consultants have honed their craft for so long that they can work within the systems you’ve already implemented, while encouraging you to try things you might not have considered before. In doing so, they invite your team to try new things together. Every lesson is new to the whole team and can forge strong bonds as you all solve problems collaboratively.

Sales consultants are highly sought after for many reasons, but one of the biggest reasons is for their open-minded approach and “unique and fresh perspective to a pressing business problem or challenge” (Hubspot).

As businesses see decreased interest in their job postings, and increases in employee exits, they should consider turning to a sales consultant for a new outlook on the way they’ve been doing things. Sales consultants are aware of the current global hiring trends, and they understand both why employees are leaving jobs and what they’re looking for in future employment opportunities.

A sales consultant can help your company build close-knit groups that are well equipped to support each other and encourage boosts in productivity, overall happiness, as well as your company’s sales.


Sales Consultants Teach Unique Sales Tactics 

Once you’ve got the right team, the next step is to
increase sales. Sales consultants can teach you how to unify the workplace with a strong sales strategy. They’ll be able to come in with a pair of fresh eyes, able to see any potential cracks in the foundation that you might have missed. Instead of just talking about the problem, pointing out flaws or being overly critical, a consultant will show you areas you could improve and plan out new approaches for you to try.

Group of people working on team building exercise

Our sales consultant team, for example, focuses on training teams and leaders on how to have a unified and structured approach when pitching products and services. They expand on what this looks like, potential problems you might experience, and how to problem solve on the spot.

All of this is done during XMA’s sales bootcamp, where we teach about the evolution of the sales force and review the pillars of performance––such as sales structure, core competencies, and mindset. Our sales consultants’ goal is to help businesses master their sales cycles, increase confidence in personal leadership, and develop tactical plans that find new opportunities.

Our sales consulting team offers several services, including:


  • Hiring of Sales Representatives

  • Executive Planning

  • KPIs & Compensation

  • Sales Strategies

  • Sales Playbook

  • And, of course, our Sales Bootcamp!

We offer two options for our sales bootcamp, to accommodate your business needs and ensure that you get exactly what you’re looking for in the training. Each bootcamp equips teams and their leaders with the right means to achieve their sales goals. 

We’d love to help your company as you plan for your business’s future.

If you’d like to learn more about our services, or sign up for our sales bootcamp, we encourage you to contact us today!