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Consulting Services

XMA Consulting Services

To generate sales results in today's reality, your approach must change.

WHY should you consider sales consulting?

Investing in the development and success of your employees is crucial to the survival of your business and reduces your turnover rate.

Allowing your sales professionals to deepen their knowledge and skills will definitely increase their sense of belonging and their level of happiness at work, and consequently your sales results.

We, Xma-Xerox were concerned about the retention of our representatives who play a key role for our company. However, there is a lack of support and training for Canadian companies and that is why we are taking action.

We have developed a consultation service inspired by the world-renowned Xerox model. That has allowed us to double the size of our business by investing in the development of our representatives!

Our goal: Help you develop, hire and support your sales professionals to promote their retention, develop their skills and sense of belonging, and equip them to exceed their growth objectives.

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Our Programs

Motivating individuals to progress and achieve their objectives.

Training Programs and Sales Coaching

We have developed a comprehensive and customizable training plan to ensure that we meet the unique needs of each SME we deal with.

Hiring Sales Professionals

Hire top-notch sales professionals to ensure coverage of your territory and your customers.

B2B Prospecting Service

Implementation of a B2B prospecting service to generate leads for your sales force to enable you to surpass your objectives.

Training Programs and Sales Coaching

In-person Bootcamp Style Training Program

We have developed a live training program which favors the exchange and the best practices between the candidates and their coach. The training is adapted according to the goals, and the reality of our client. Here are some of the components included in our program:

  • Sales evolution and review of performance pillars.
  • Business management: Review of high versus low performing activities.
  • Development of a tactical plan to find new opportunities.
  • Time management and planning.
  • Mastering the sales cycle.
  • The art and science of selling.

NEW Training Program: Because Traditional Training Doesn't Work For Everyone

We offer live training in a virtual format with a coach who will accomany you the whole way through. Here is how the program is set up:

  • A learning continuum that engages both the representatives (90-minute sessions) and the manager (60-minute sessions) each month.
  • Choice of topics based on your objectives from 42 available topics.
  • Individual DiSC personality profiles.
  • Continuous learning and concept reviewed/reinforced 4 times to ensure retention.
  • Alignment through a private coaching session for your sales manager.
  • Recordings of company sessions for review.

Private Coaching Session For Your Sales Professionals

Our private coaching sessions are offered in either a one on one, or a small group format. Here are some of the benefits of working with a private coach for all your training needs:

  • One-on-one coaching is one of the most important factors in sales success, but it is often overlooked or even non-existent.
  • Our executive coaches are experienced and dedicated and offer a personalized approach.
  • They offer advice and coaching on best practices in sales.
  • They help free up time in the calendar to better manage priorities.
  • The result is a greater area of productivity, better retention and consequently, better results.

Hiring Sales Professionals

XMA helps companies hire qualified sales personnel by:

  • Building on 115 years of proven Xerox hiring expertise.
  • Maximizing our own resources and professionals for the benefit of our customers.
  • Utilizing a comprehensive and detailed process to help you make the right choice.
  • Ensuring that the candidate shares your company's values.
  • Offering an additional option to our clients at a very competitive rate.

B2B Prospecting Service

XMA helps companies achieve their sales goals by:

We searched extensively for someone who could provide us with a B2B prospecting service that would fit our distinct needs. Alass, nobody would quite comprehend what we required, thus usually fell short. We saw an opportunity in the market to offer a B2B prospecting service that would be different from anything we've seen. Here's how we help companies acheive their sales goals:

  • Freeing up your reps' time by sharing the responsibility of prospecting.
  • Generating qualified leads to ensure the health of your sales pipeline.
  • Increasing the retention of your representatives by helping themgenerate more sales.
  • Developing a conquest and/or retention strategy.
  • Offering a unique and complete approach.

Clients Who Place Their Trust In Us