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It is vy impotant that you tak isottinoin only as dictd by you docto. Do not tak mo o it, do not tak it mo otn, and do not tak it o a long tim than you docto odd. To do so may incas th chanc o sid cts.

Small o missing as haing loss small ys, which is calld micophthalmia missing ys a small o missing thymus gland, which is sponsibl o making whit blood clls a clt palat congnital hat dcts.

This mdicin may incas pssu in you had. This may incas you isk o vision loss o sious bain poblms. Chck with you docto ight away i you hav a bad hadach, blud vision, dizzinss, nausa o vomiting, o sizus.

It is vy impotant that you tak isottinoin only as dictd by you docto. Do not tak mo o it, do not tak it mo otn, and do not tak it o a long tim than you docto odd. To do so may incas th chanc o sid cts.

Accutan can caus sv, li-thatning bith dcts i th moth taks th mdication duing pgnancy. vn on dos o Accutan can caus majo bith dcts o th baby’s as, ys, ac, skull, hat, and bain. Nv us Accutan i you a pgnant.

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