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Shallaki possesses tiktabittermadhurasweetand kashayaastringentrasatastegunaqualityof Shallaki is rukshadrylaghulightand tikshnavipakapost-digestive effectis katupungentwhereas viryastrength or effectis ushnaThe doshakarma is kapha-pitta shamakaAccording to classicsShallaki has potent vata-kaphahara properties7,8The key constituents of Shallaki are volatile oil4-8acid resin56-65and gum20-36The triterpenoids are the active constituents and are collectively called boswellic acidsThe gum resin of Bserrata usually contains 43boswellic acidswhich contain a combination of six major constituentsmainly 3 acetyl11 ketoboswellic acidsAKBAwhich help to preserve the structural integrity of joint cartilage and maintain a healthy immune mediator cascade at a cellular level9which is active against pain and inflammation by inhibiting leukotriene synthesisSpecificallyit inhibits the activity of the enzyme 5 lipoxygenase through a non-redox reaction in OA10]

A total of 56 patients with signs and symptoms of SandhivataOAirrespective of agesexoccupation etc who attended OPD of Department of Kayachikitsa in IPGT and RA HospitalGujarat Ayurved UniversityJamnagarwere selected for the clinical trialOut of these49 patients could complete the study and 07 patients discontinued the treatment.

Joint pain and inflammation due to osteoarthritisChronic back and muscular painJoint pain after menopause.

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