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This mdicin may dcas bon minal dnsity whn usd a long tim. A low bon minal dnsity can caus wak bons ostopoosis. I you hav any qustions about this, ask you docto.

Inhald luticason and salmtol is usd tpvnt asthma attacks and ttat chonic obstuctiv pulmonay disas (COPD). It is not usd tliv an asthma attack that has alady statd. li an asthma attack that has alady statd, you should us anoth mdicin. I you dnot hav anoth mdicin tus an attack i you hav any qustions about this, chck with you docto.

Som sid cts may occu that usually dnot nd mdical attntion. Ths sid cts may gaway duing tatmnt as you body adjusts tth mdicin. Also, you halth ca possional may b abl ttll you about ways tpvnt duc som ths sid cts. Chck with you halth ca possional i any th ollowing sid cts continu a bothsom i you hav any qustions about thm:

Backach buising dakning th skin dcas in hight diaha diiculty with moving dizzinss acial hai gowth in mals ainting ast, slow, pounding, igula hatbat puls lushd, dy skin actus uit-lik bath odull ound ac, nck, tunk havy blding incasd hung incasd thist uination iitability lag, lat, blu, puplish patchs in th skin loss sxual dsi ability mnstual igulaitis mntal dpssion muscl pain stinss muscl wasting pain in th back, ibs, ams, lgs pain in th joints stomach pain swating unxplaind wight loss unusual tidnss waknss wight gain.

Tatmnt asthma in patints not adquatly contolld on a long-tm asthma contol mdication [g, inhald coticostoid (ICS)] whos disas waants initiation both an ICS and LABA. Maintnanc tatmnt COPD, including chonic bonchitis and/mphysma. Tduc xacbations COPD in patints with a histoy xacbations.

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