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You need an information system that can support your growth strategies.

System & Network Integration

Designed to ensure that your information system can support your growth.

Over the years your IT team has most likely had to evolve your information system a few times due to hardware getting discontinued (server, data storage...etc.). With the Covid-19 pandemic and the changes in internal processes and work behaviors, this has certainly become a more prominent issue for IT teams everywhere.

You need an information system that can support your growth strategies. This is where we can be valuable to you. Our system and network integration has been designed to ensure that your information system can support your growth—whether it is planned for/expected or not.

IT services infrastructure for system and network integration

Here’s What You Need to Know:

Our team has expertise and experience in IT audits, data recovery, consulting, custom solutions, configurations, implementation of equipment, and solution recommendations.


We guarantee the continuity of your information system by limiting downtime and by securing your company’s IT assets.


Due to a well-maintained information system, employee productivity will be at an all-time high. This will also give your IT staff more time to focus on important work.

Cost Control

This service will give you full control over your costs (both direct and indirect) so you can finally optimize your total cost of ownership (TCO).

Our system and network integration includes:

  • Servers: consolidation, clusters, server virtualization (VMWare, HyberV, etc.)
  • Applications: database and enterprise messaging
  • Access: corporate directories and access strategies to information systems
  • Networks and security: Lan/Wan/Man, VPN, ToIP, wireless network, public key infrastructure, network security strategy...
  • Clients: workstations/tablets/smartphones, operating systems...
  • Computer data storage: SAN, NAS, backup
  • Supervision and management of information systems
IT services infrastructure for security audits

Security Audit

Every company has an IT infrastructure behind them that helps them achieve their business goals.

However, many companies also experience huge setbacks due to their lack of proper security. We’re talking about security breaches, temporary outages on your network, slow response times on your computer system...

These can impact your business in several different ways…

  • Security breaches have become significantly more common and can cause computer and/or financial data loss. It can be difficult to recover from this.
  • IT service downtime: this can decrease employee productivity (which can be very costly to your business).
  • Loss of turnover.
  • Damage to your business brand.

What is a Security Audit?

A security audit is meant to map your computer network. This includes hardware, cabling, software, operating systems, backup, etc.

All components of your enterprise IT network would be tested and analyzed by a consultant. The system and network consultant would then generate a performance report in order to see if your network is meeting your information system requirements.

Our consultant would also work to establish scenarios of optimization (aiming to improve your data-processing network and information system). This would include safety, availability...etc.

Our Mission

  • Establish a report of your network (which would affect your information system)
  • Take into account the users in their handling
  • Control the effectiveness of your network

Our Audit Will Consider:

  • The mapping of your computer network
  • The coverage of your needs
  • Your company’s computer network and methods of use
  • Security issues detected by a vulnerability scanner
  • The performance of all equipment on the network (we set up probes to identify bottlenecks)
  • Measurement of bandwidth