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Content Management

Going digital has never been easier.

With XMA’s advanced content management tools, going digital hasnever been easier and more important for your business.

Evolving with the industry standard rather than fighting it will help your organization remain relevant, effective and encourage growth.

Did you know that most digital transformation attempts are unsuccessful?

In fact, only 7% of organizations successfully complete digital transformation. With this ever-evolving digital world, organizations that are not successfully making the switch to digital or bypassing it completely, are missing out on an incredible amount of opportunity for better operational efficiency.

No matter the size of your organization, XMA’s digital transformation solutions are easy and painless to deploy.

Here’s how easy it is to begin moving your records over to digital versions, automate your processes and manage your content:

  • Store and manage information securely on site or in private cloud mode.
  • User-friendly tools help process documents and automated workflows.
  • Integrate with Docusign signature API for electronic signature of documents.
  • Instantly share information with colleagues, clients and partners using visualization tools and intuitive documentaries.
  • Quick access to the information you need now with tagging and research tools from any mobile device – any time, anywhere.

These tools are beneficial for the whole team.

Here's how they can help.

Content management tools for executives


  • You can reduce the risk of any legal action through a centralized contract management system
  • Supplier management
  • Contract routing and approval
Content management tools for automating finance processes


  • You can better control expenses by automating the AP process
  • Accounts payable
  • Processing of expense reports

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Content management tools for the operations of your business or organization


  • You can improve your operations by simply managing policies and procedures in a more intelligent way
  • Management of policies and procedures
  • Community engagement portal
  • Intranet
Content management tools for human resources processes

Human Resources

  • You can streamline and secure integration processes
  • Personnel file management
  • Staff time
Content management tools for sales processes


  • You can streamline the process of approval and assigning off of orders
  • CRM integration
  • E-signature

Concrete and Measurable Benefits

Benefits of using XMA’s Content Management Solution in your Organization:

Easily deployable

Task automation

Reduced shipping and storage expenditure

Decreased manual processing expenditure

Eliminate errors caused by manual input

Massive decrease in carbon footprint