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Consulting Services

Helping SMEs structure their sales force to ensure sustained growth and enable them to achieve their growth objectives.

XMA Consulting Services

Provide strategic sales consulting services to help SMEs structure their sales force to ensure sustained growth and enable them to achieve their growth objectives.

Hiring of Sales Representatives

Hiring of top-notch representatives who will allow you to outperform your goals

Executive Planning

Craft a comprehensive growth plan based on historical data & market trends

KPIs & Compensation

Implementation of KPIs & sales compensation plans

Sales Strategies

Design & implement a lead generation strategy to find new opportunities

Sales Playbook

Empower your sales team by giving them the tools they need to perform

Sales Bootcamp

In-person immersive training program

Introducing Our Sales Bootcamp


Meet Our Consultants

Motivating individuals to progress and achieve their objectives.

Danny Lambert

Having led and managed international sales teams at Airbnb, Danny was directly responsible for the growth of the Americas and EMEA portfolio for the Airbnb-Luxury division.

In this role, Danny managed multidisciplinary teams and was directly responsible for the launch of 25 new markets to ensure healthy growth and diversification of Airbnb-Luxe’s portfolio.

Danny is a strategic leader promoting a corporate culture based on diversity, inclusion and cross-departmental collaboration. Passionate about business, Danny helps many entrepreneurs within the Montreal ecosystem by coaching them in strategic planning, developing marketing tactics, finding new growth vectors, developing and implementing KPIs, and implementing compensation plans. He also designs sales processes to help entrepreneurs propel their businesses.

Michel Blais

Entrepreneur and trainer who successfully led the restructuring of two acquired companies, which resulted in a marked increase in sales. For the past 14 years, Michel has been responsible for the sales force recruitment program for Xerox franchisees in Quebec.

As a university professor, Michel Blais has delivered more than sixty training sessions on strategic B2B sales and business development. Michel is responsible for the sales training program in Quebec for Xerox multinational; a firm recognized worldwide for sales excellence.

Michel has a philosophy focused on developing a structured sales approach. In addition, Michel also supports representatives at the personal leadership level in order to align their personal and professional goals. This is an essential, sustainable catalyst for motivating individuals to progress and achieve their personal objectives.

Additional Team Members

Peggy Hua: Business Analyst

Corinne Lévesque: Administration & Support

Philippe Lahaie: Director of Operations


Vision, Mission, Goal

Provide strategic sales consulting services to help SMEs structure their sales force to ensure sustained growth and enable them to achieve their growth objectives.


Ensure the sustainability of SMEs.


Provide strategic sales consulting services to help SMEs structure their sales force to ensure sustained growth and enable them to achieve their growth objectives.

Our Goal

To provide strategic sales consulting services to help SMEs structure their sales force, develop a strategic approach and master their sales cycle in order to help the organization reach and surpass its sales objectives. We do this by educating representatives on best practices in business development and account management.

Sustainability Goals

We want to help you make a difference. For each hour of consulting, XMA will plant one tree on your behalf with One Tree Planted.

1 hour of consulting = 1 tree plantedLet’s help save the environment together.

What Our Clients are Saying

  • “I was lucky enough to have Danny on my team for 4 years at Luxury Retreats / Airbnb. Danny led a dynamic team of up to 17 people at times, focused on growing the supply side of our business. Under Danny's direction, our Host Growth team achieved their target for 14 straight months at one point - something I've never seen in my 20 years in the business. Danny was instrumental in launching over 25 new markets and developing structured sales processes and reporting - helping the team run like a well-oiled machine. Danny's impact on the business will be felt for years to come. Any company that lands Danny as their sales or business leader will have hit the jackpot.”
    — Nick Guezen - Portfolio Strategy Director @ Airbnb

  • “It’s rare that you come across standout talent like Danny. I had the pleasure of working with Danny for three years at Luxury Retreats/Airbnb, collaborating on a multinational team of 13 people led by him. I was particularly impressed by Danny's ability to handle multiple internal changes throughout this period and keep the team in the right direction for growth. That skill often takes a huge amount of empathy and charisma, but it seemed to come perfectly naturally to him. Danny is a gifted salesperson, and no goal is too big for his appetite. His energy at work is second to none and he is consistently eager to find and communicate solutions to the most complex problems. I am thankful for the years we could work together, and Danny earns my highest recommendation.”
    — Tom Bonini - Market Manager LATAM | Europe @ Airbnb

  • "I wanted to take some time to thank you for this high-quality training! I came away with a lot of tools, resources and above all, a new strategic approach. Thank you for your honesty and your kind words. People in my agency said it was an interesting week—very exciting. They were right! And now, I know what makes us different from our competition, that little something I couldn't explain to myself. You can be sure that I will work hard with my new skills, and thus succeed in surpassing myself, day after day."
    — Sylvain Champagne - Account manager

  • "I just wanted to thank you for the very rewarding training. You were able to adapt to each participant's strengths and areas for improvement. Despite the large number of sections to be learned, you used several forms of learning to make it all dynamic such as PowerPoint, articles, videos, teamwork, simulations, rewording in our own words, etc. The feedback after each sales simulation was honest, clear and precise. Your numerous examples from your experience greatly helped us to understand the objective of each learning and to answer our many questions. It seems that you were motivated to give us all the tools we needed to succeed. Now it's up to us to do it!"
    — Caroline Matte - Account Manager

Clients Who Place Their Trust In Us