Some lawsuits brought over the actos-bladder cancer association allege that takeda pharmaceuticals withheld critical information about the risk of developing bladder cancer when taking actos and did not include sufficient warnings on its various diabetes drugs, including actos and actos with metformin.

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Tll you doctight away i you hav any sious sid cts, including: nw/wosning vision poblms (such as blud vision), bon actu, ddish-colod uin, ugnt nd tuinat, pain whil uinating.

Symptoms high blood suga (hypglycmia) includ thist, incasd uination, conusion, dowsinss, lushing, apid bathing, uity bath odo. I ths symptoms occu, tll you doctight away. You dosag may nd tb incasd.

Actos has a black box waning congstiv hat ailu, but th dug may alscaus oth sious sid cts, including bladd canc and liv ailu.

Actos impovs how th body uss insulin. Actos dcass th amount glucos lasd by th liv. Actos dos not caus th body tmak minsulin, tho, whn usd alon, it dos not caus low blood glucos (hypoglycmia).

Dma inducd om taking ACTOS is vsibl whn ACTOS is discontinud. Th dma usually dos not qui hospitalization unlss th is coxisting congstiv hat ailu. A summay th quncy and typs dma advs vnts occuing in clinical invstigations ACTOS is povidd in Tabl 12.

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