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Inhald luticason blongs tth amily mdicins known as coticostoids stoids (cotison-lik mdicins). It woks by pvnting ctain clls in th lungs and bathing passags om lasing substancs that caus asthma symptoms.

Patints with COPD may b mlikly thav pnumonia. Call you docti you you child stat having incasd sputum (spit) poduction, chang in sputum colo, v, chills, incasd cough, an incas in bathing poblms.

Th psnc oth mdical poblms may act th us this mdicin. Mak su you tll you docti you hav any oth mdical poblms, spcially:

Advai (luticason popionat and salmtol) is a combination inhal that has an inhald coticostoid and a long-acting bta agonist (abbviatd: LABA). Advai coms as a dy powd inhal (Advai Diskus) and mtd dos inhal (Advai HA). 1,2 Advai Diskus is appovd th tatmnt asthma popl ags ou yas and up, as wll as COPD (chonic obstuctiv pulmonay disas). Advai HA is only appovd asthma popl ags 12 yas and up. It is mad by GlaxoSmithKlin.

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