With more employees working outside of the confines of the office than ever before, cloud-based services have become a necessity in order to facilitate communication, provide easy access to files, and perform a number of everyday processes, including printing.

Mobile print technology allows the user to access print services from their mobile device, from anywhere they have an Internet connection. As this technology continues to evolve, more individuals and businesses are seeing the advantages of implementing mobile printing, yet a surprising 86 percent of SMBs have yet to develop a mobile print strategy. Here are a number of great reasons to get started.


Every device on your company network including your printers, are at risk of a security breach. A unified approach to mobile printing allows IT personnel to set the parameters for print security, effectively and securely avoiding issues with the routing and retrieval of confidential documents. Features such as data encryption, and user authentication requirements help reduce these risks even further.

Cost Savings

Implementing a mobile print strategy is an investment in the future of any organization that employs workers who routinely conduct business outside of the office. Cost savings are realized in a number of important areas, including network security, reduced burden on IT resources, and increased worker productivity.

Convenience and Productivity

Regardless of whether staff are working from home, out of town, at a distant branch, or are full time or part time, the same mobile print platform can be utilized to easily and securely print and share documents. Mobile printing apps utilizing GPS technology to pinpoint the location of the closest qualified printer, take the guesswork out of the equation, helping to save time and money on print costs.

Once the mobile print platform has been established, IT personnel are free to dedicate their time to other, more important projects, and visitors, new hires and contractors will appreciate the secure access to printing, without the need for setup.

Without an effective mobile print strategy in place, businesses are vulnerable to breaches in security, issues with regulatory compliance, and inflated print costs. Contact us today to learn more!

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