Every time you have to sort through the stack of papers on your desk looking for a document, you’re using up valuable time. Digital files are easier to manage, keeping you organized and on-task. With Xerox ConnectKey-enabled multifunction printers, you can take advantage of powerful scanning capabilities to digitize your documents and clear up the clutter.

Scanning to the Cloud

Cloud storage makes it easy to share and transfer files, with easy access from anywhere in the world. Xerox ConnectKey technology allows you to scan and upload to the cloud from your MFP, using popular services such as DropBox, Box and Google Drive.

Mobile Scanning

When you can do work on the go, you’re able to get more done in less time. The Mobile Link app allows you to scan documents from your smartphone, as well as configure and initiate jobs. With this technology, you can get your work done whether you’re in the office, travelling, or on a job site.

Searchable PDFs

One of the major benefits of digital files is the ability to do a keyword search to find the document you need quickly and reliably. Xerox ConnectKey scanning can create a searchable PDF from your scanned document, making it easy to organize and search later helping you maximize your efficiency.

Editable Scans

Making changes to a document that only exists in hardcopy format, like an employee manual, can be a time-consuming and tedious process. When you use Xerox ConnectKey scanning, you can create editable files allowing you to easily make changes and updates, and store it all digitally.

Managing paper takes up valuable time and space. As many offices move to digital files, it’s important to understand the technology available to make your digital files work for you. Xerox ConnectKey-enabled multifunction printers not only help you manage your print environment, but provide you with a sophisticated suite of scanning options.

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