By now, you’ve probably heard about the recent “WannaCry” attack that infected over 300,000 Windows PCs worldwide. It locked users out from their data and demanded a $300 “ransom” per infected machine to regain access. If not for an accidental intervention, it could have been much worse.

Is Your Business at Risk?

If you can’t afford to lose access and you don’t have a disaster recovery plan in place, your business is at risk. Imagine if you lost access to your data for a day. What if you were locked out for a week? Would your business survive?

Here are four tips to help you protect your company from a ransomware infection.

  • Back Up Your Critical Data Every Day – This is a simple and effective defence. Your critical information should be backed up daily, and a copy kept offsite. The cloud is a cost-effective way to protect your data. If you back-up in house, do it to a separate drive, off your network and keep a safety copy offsite.
  • Don’t Open Unsolicited Email – Spam that contains malicious software or dangerous links are the most common way a cyber criminal can gain access and infect your network. If you don’t know the sender, or can not confirm a link’s authenticity, do yourself a favour and just delete it!
  • Protect Your Network – Update your operating systems and your devices’ security regularly.
  • Infected? Disconnect! – Infected systems should be quarantined and removed from your network immediately. Also disable bluetooth and wireless access. Determine what has caused the infection and if it is a known strain, help may be available. If not, do a clean OS install, restore your data from your backup and you’l be back in business quickly.

Security is a concern for every business. Be sure to back up your data and have a plan in place. Take these simple steps and protect your business!

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