Boost Production and Reduce Costs with Quality Printer Cartridges

Solid Black, Vibrant Colour, No Smearing or Dry Time

Your business could be outfitted with all of the latest printing and copying technology but it won’t matter if you run out of ink. At XMA Business Solutions, an authorized Xerox agent, we offer all the Xerox supplies, printer ink, and maintenance kits your Montreal business will ever need.

What Kind of Xerox Supplies Does Your Company Need?

Not all printers and copiers are created equal. Not only do various models offer different features and benefits, but they also take different kinds of printer cartridges. Black and white and colour laser printers use toner cartridges, which can last for 1,500 printed pages or more. Inkjet printers and copiers, on the other hand, use smaller ink cartridges, which may only last for 150 pages. In addition to printer toner and ink cartridges, business printers and copiers may also require other Xerox supplies like spare bulbs, ribbons, and other replacement parts.

Cut Costs on Quality Printer Toner and Cartridges

If you wait until your ink runs out to buy a new cartridge you will be losing time as well as money. Do yourself and your employees a favour by keeping your supply cupboard stocked with spare printer toner and ink cartridges. By purchasing your Xerox supplies in bulk you can save money, leaving you with more resources to allocate toward other important aspects of your business. No matter what kind of printer or copier you have, we can help you find the right supplies to meet your needs.

However how big or small your Montreal business may be, you can count on XMA Business Solutions to keep your supply cupboard fully stocked. We offer all of the printer cartridges and toner your company needs at affordable prices that will help keep your company in the black.