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Improve Speed and Productivity with Office Copiers

Fast Copy Speed, Easy Use, Low Cost

Do you find that your employees lose a lot of time standing in line at the printer? Investing in a high-quality office photocopier from XMA Business Solutions, an authorized Xerox agent, can save your Montreal business time and money. The less time your employees spend on printing and copying problems, the more time they have to devote to your business and its developments.

Benefits of Stand-Alone Small Office Copiers

A high-quality office copier should be considered an investment in the future of your business. Compared to printer copiers and all-in-one printers, stand-alone office photocopiers offer much higher copying speeds of up to 90 pages per minute. Not only are small office copiers faster, but also they offer low price per page. A photocopier might cost more than a printer copier up front, but it will save your company money in the long run.

Stand-alone copiers are designed for heavy use so they are incredibly durable, and they are very easy to learn how to use. With a stand-alone copier, you don’t have to connect to a desktop computer, which means that you can place your copier wherever you like. Plus, stand-alone copiers often offer finishing features like binding and stapling. All of these features combine to help your employees save time and your business save money.

What Kind of Copier is Right for Your Business?

When it comes to stand-alone office photocopiers, you have wide variety of options to choose from. For smaller businesses, a traditional small office copier might be adequate. Larger businesses that do high-volume printing, however, might require something a little larger like an 11×17 copier. To help you determine your printing and copying needs, contact XMA Business Solutions. We will be happy to help you decide which Xerox product is right for your business.


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