In today’s economy, everyone is looking for ways to cut costs. For most companies the ongoing expense of office printing—cost-per-print, routine maintenance, and service—is an unexplored opportunity for significant, cumulative savings. XMA Office Solutions delivers managed print services to help your small and medium businesses (SMBs) centralize management of all your devices—including printers, copiers and multifunction printers from multiple manufacturers. All of our products, software and services are designed to help your business grow and increase your company’s bottom line in today’s challenging business environment.

Managed Print Services Opportunities

With centralized management of your networked print devices, you can scale the managed print services solution for your team, department, or company-wide requirements, and balance business needs with budget realities.

Here is what a managed print solution can do for your business :

  • Cut costs on printing consumables, service, and your cost-per-page.
  • Reduce energy consumption through device consolidation.
  • Reduce waste by ordering the supplies you need with no “leftovers”.
  • Free up IT resources for more business-critical tasks rather than installing, supporting and maintaining output devices.
  • Ensure devices stay up-to-date through remote maintenance and lifecycle management.
  • Control and forecast budgets accurately by setting your printing and supply costs up-front.

XMA has helped Small to Medium Sized Businesses in the following areas

Examine this list to help identify the areas where we can help you:

  • Free print assessment service
  • Provide fact based data on your current print usage and costs and identify potential cost savings opportunities
  • Technology assessment of your current network
  • GAP analysis of potential risks and identify IT infrastructure opportunities
  • Green assessment – make your current business more sustainable
  • Map current print related opportunities to reduce your company’s carbon footprint
  • Assess your current security measures
  • Identify current risks and suggest potential prevention strategies and disaster recovery planning

Our highly trained managed print services experts will maximize your cost savings and continually fine-tune your output fleet for optimal productivity. They’ll also use proactive monitoring tools to predict and resolve potential issues. Best of all, they can completely customize service offerings to your unique business needs.

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