Data security is a hot topic and needs to be a priority for businesses of all sizes. Many people have the misconception that data theft is primarily an issue for large corporations. In reality, a 2017 report revealed that 43 percent of cyber attacks targeted small businesses. Even more alarming, 60 percent of small businesses that experience a cyber attack are out of business within six months.

One of the first ways your small business can improve data security is through your printer. Here are six security features that you need to look for in your next printer:

1. User Authentication

One of the easiest ways for data to become compromised is through your employees. All too often, employees send documents to the printer and neglect to collect them. These abandoned documents can contain sensitive data, allowing anyone who passes by to gain access to this information. Look for a printer that offers a user authentication feature for employees to type in their PIN or identifier at the machine to print documents. 

2. Encryption

Without encryption, hackers can intercept sensitive data that is sent to the printer. To prevent this, your printer needs to offer file encryption to ensure that data moves securely to the print output tray. 

3. Data Clearing

Printers contain a hard drive that often stores confidential information, which is why hackers commonly target printers. You want a printer that offers a data clearing option to delete processed and stored data that you no longer need. 

4. Cloud to Device Automation

A security risk that businesses of all sizes face is employees scanning and storing critical data to their personal cloud apps. While their intentions may be harmless, they’re creating potential exposure for your business. Choosing the right printer can help you to eliminate this risk by automating cloud to device workflows. 

5. Password Protection

A multifunction printer can help you make the transition to a digital workplace and password protect important documents. You should also be able to password protect PDF files so that only the intended people can access this information. 

6. Audit Trails

Choose a printer that makes you aware of who is using your device and what types of jobs they are performing. Monitoring activity will allow you to have an audit trail and restrict activity where you see fit. 

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