Cybercrime is a growing concern among businesses of all sizes, and in 2016 was the second most reported crime on a global level. Ransomware, malware and data theft are among the issues that plague organizations, as more information than ever is being created, sent, and stored on both internal and external computing devices. The office MFP is another area of vulnerability that is often overlooked in many environments, which, if left unprotected can lead to further loss of data.

Fortunately, Xerox ConnectKey technology offers many features to help secure your confidential data from cybercrime including the following:

User Authentication

Regardless of whether an intruder comes from within or outside of your organization, unauthorized access to your multifunction printer (MFP) can result in the theft of company or client information. Your MFP contains an internal hard drive which stores data as documents are scanned, copied or printed. Xerox ConnectKey-enabled MFPs have integrated user authentication protocols in place, which can be verified from a mobile device, keypad or card reader. Once the user has been authenticated, an audit trail is established by logging each transaction regardless of origin. In the event of an attempted external or internal attack from malware, ransomware, or infected files, ConnectKey software intercepts and rejects the attacker to keep your information safe.

24/7 Monitoring and Alerts

On the remote chance that a hacker should bypass the ConnectKey security, automated alerts are generated to provide relevant personnel with up to the minute reporting. McAfee solutions continuously monitor, prevent, and report on suspicious activity, which may be indicative of a more detailed attack involving other areas of your organization. Alerts provide the user with enough time and information to implement prepared strategies and preventive measures to avoid further loss of data.

Data Encryption

As your data travels across your network from any number of Internet enabled devices, it may be easily intercepted by those with the proper knowledge and resources. The only way to prevent your data from being read is with secure encryption, which renders the information unreadable during transmission. All Xerox devices are equipped with data encryption software, but that can’t protect information contained in documents that may be left unattended in the output tray. Delayed printing strategies requiring user authentication at the device are one more way Xerox safeguards your confidential data.

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