Do you dread business trips because you feel like you fall behind on your regular work? Business travel doesn’t have to feel like a burden if you know how to maximize your productivity on the road.

Prepare to Go

Preparation is an important step to being productive while you’re travelling. Some important steps include:

  • Make a list of all the equipment you may need. This includes tablets, batteries, chargers, cords and peripherals.
  • Charge all your devices before you go, and each night of your trip. This will help keep you running all day.
  • Research the hotel. Amenities such as free Wi-Fi and a business center can help you say on top of your work.
  • Remove all unnecessary files from your devices. They slow down your computer, and pose a security risk.
  • Scan and upload all paper documents to the cloud. This makes them accessible to you anywhere you are, so you always have what you need.

Use Time Wisely

Flight time doesn’t have to be useless time. Use the time in the airport to check emails and do other similar quick tasks. Earmark your flight time for some uninterrupted offline work, such as writing a proposal.

While on your trip, make sure to schedule in time for rest and meals. Taking care of yourself can help you perform at your peak.

Use Apps

Mobile apps can make your time on the road more productive and organized than ever before. The Xerox Mobile Link App can scan, fax and store all your paperwork as you go. This includes receipts, contracts, business cards, and anything else you might need. This will help reduce your workload when you get back, as everything is already digitized and stored. Taking it one step further is Xerox Web Capture. This tool can scan and automatically import your document into the appropriate apps, ready to be worked on.

Sometimes you need to print, even on the road. The Xerox Mobile Print Solution can help you do this securely on a public printer network using GPS. This way you can print contracts and other documents you may need, without worry about compromising your data.

Business travel is a great way to connect with colleagues and clients, but can slow down your productivity if you’re not prepared. With today’s mobile apps and some preparation you can get a lot of work done, even on the road. Contact us today to learn more.