Managed document systems have many benefits for businesses, especially when it comes to efficiency. Did you know they can also boost your security? By protecting your documents at every stage using a variety of measures, your documents and data remain secure, reducing your risk of becoming a victim of cybercrimes and other expensive data loss situations.

Managed Document Services

Documents typically have a lengthy life-cycle. From their creation, through editing, printing, and ultimately storage – each phase of a document’s life presents unique risks, including unauthorized access to your data, as well as the potential for accidental loss.

A digital document system takes control of your documents starting with their creation. Through automated workflows and digital storage, your data is encrypted and tracked, minimizing the potential for accidental or malicious attacks on your company.

Scanning and Storage Solutions

Digital files are easier to protect and store. Managed document solutions offer strong encryption for your data so it is never sent through the network unencrypted. The files can be automatically routed to people or folders, as necessary.

Digital storage is more secure. Files are encrypted prior to storage, rendering stolen files useless. You can create redundant copies, including off-site or cloud storage, for easy restoration. Software can allow you to track all access and changes to your data. For further protection, access can be limited to authorized users, using various authentication techniques.

Print Security

Document management solutions can make printing hard copy documents safer. Encrypting data before sending it on the network helps reduce theft during transmission. Printers can also be equipped with various authentication measures, including passwords, PIN codes, or other identifiers. This limits access to printed documents to only the person who initiated the print job, or other authorized persons. By not printing until that person is at the printer, sensitive data is never left on the print tray for prying eyes to see.

Managed document systems provide a host of benefits for your company, including enhanced security. In today’s world, keeping pace with the increasing security risks is a demanding task. By adopting a managed document system, security is made easy. Contact XMA Xerox to learn more!

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