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5 Common Cyberattacks that Could Devastate Your Small Business in 2018

Cyberattacks are on the rise and are the fastest growing threat to your small business in 2018. Many SMB owners have the misconception that large organizations are at a higher risk for cyber theft, when in reality nearly half of all cyberattacks target small businesses.

As an SMB owner, it’s in your best interest to make cybersecurity a top priority. Here are some of the most common types of cyberattacks threatening small businesses today:

1. Denial of Service (DoS):

DoS attacks occur when malicious criminals use multiple computers to send a large amount of information and data at once with the goal of overloading your system so that it shuts down. To avoid this cyber traffic jam, proactively monitor analytics for spikes in traffic and keep your security software up-to-date.

2. Employee:

Employees often have a lot of sensitive data in their hands, and they can sometimes choose to misuse this information and expose your business. When terminating an employee, immediately revoke his or her access to data and change the code to your door. This will help to minimize a crippling security breach from a disgruntled former employee.

3. Malware:

Malware is a malicious software that can come in multiple forms, from worms and viruses to Trojan horses. Email is a common way for Malware to infiltrate your business, so make it a best practice for employees not to click on links in emails from people they don’t know.

4. Passwords:

You use passwords to protect your company’s important data, which is why criminals attempt to gain access to your information by cracking passwords. Never choose a password that is easy to guess. As a best practice, your case sensitive password should be at least eight characters in length and include a combination of letters, […]

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7 Tips to Boost Productivity

It often seems there just aren’t enough hours in the day to get everything done. As more tasks pile up, it can be overwhelming. Take control and find more time by incorporating these techniques that highly productive people use into your day.

1. Take care of yourself. It can be easy to fall into the trap of skipping breakfast or staying up late to gain a little more time to get work done. However, when you do this you’re not giving your body the fuel it needs, and ultimately will compromise your ability to do your best work and be productive. Take time in the morning to eat a good breakfast, exercise, meditate, or otherwise get ready for the day.

2. Schedule your day. To-do lists often fall by the wayside, with many tasks remaining incomplete. Instead, schedule all your tasks into your calendar, in 15-minute increments and stick to your schedule.

3. Don’t multi-task. Trying to do more than one thing at a time really just slows you down. Focus on one task before moving onto the next. This includes email – shut off your phone notifications and use scheduled times to read and reply to emails.

4. Learn to say no. Meetings are a time suck, often wasting more time than they’re worth. Say no to meetings and any other task that is not going to help you reach your goals.

5. Delegate. Accepting help is not a sign of weakness; it is how productive people make the most use of their time. Spreading the work out over more people helps get it done faster and better.

6. Write it down. When you rely on your memory, you can forget things and waste time. Carry a notebook and […]

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How a Managed Document System Can Strengthen Your Security

Managed document systems have many benefits for businesses, especially when it comes to efficiency. Did you know they can also boost your security? By protecting your documents at every stage using a variety of measures, your documents and data remain secure, reducing your risk of becoming a victim of cybercrimes and other expensive data loss situations.
Managed Document Services
Documents typically have a lengthy life-cycle. From their creation, through editing, printing, and ultimately storage – each phase of a document’s life presents unique risks, including unauthorized access to your data, as well as the potential for accidental loss.

A digital document system takes control of your documents starting with their creation. Through automated workflows and digital storage, your data is encrypted and tracked, minimizing the potential for accidental or malicious attacks on your company.
Scanning and Storage Solutions
Digital files are easier to protect and store. Managed document solutions offer strong encryption for your data so it is never sent through the network unencrypted. The files can be automatically routed to people or folders, as necessary.

Digital storage is more secure. Files are encrypted prior to storage, rendering stolen files useless. You can create redundant copies, including off-site or cloud storage, for easy restoration. Software can allow you to track all access and changes to your data. For further protection, access can be limited to authorized users, using various authentication techniques.
Print Security
Document management solutions can make printing hard copy documents safer. Encrypting data before sending it on the network helps reduce theft during transmission. Printers can also be equipped with various authentication measures, including passwords, PIN codes, or other identifiers. This limits access to printed documents to only the person who initiated the print job, or other authorized persons. By […]

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Meet Your New Workplace Assistant

In keeping with the evolution of business, Xerox has introduced an innovative new line of ConnectKey-enabled products that your organization can’t afford to be without.

This new product line consists of 29 new printers and multifunction printers (MFPs) that will help transform your current office into a more productive, streamlined, user-friendly work environment.

Your New Workplace Assistant 

At the end of March, 2017, Xerox made history with their largest product launch to date. These 29 new and innovative ConnectKey-enabled printers and MFPs will revolutionize the way you print, communicate and complete a number of common business processes, with products that range in size, speed, and capabilities to match any business no matter how big or small.

Xerox VersaLink Series Printers and MFPs

Tailored towards small to midsized workgroups, and those who work from more than one location.
Choose from 19 different devices, with black and white, or colour capabilities.
Enhanced freedom for employees to work from anywhere, anytime.
Plug and play setup eliminates the need for IT assistance.
Cloud services such as Google Drive, OneDrive and Dropbox are included.

Xerox AltaLink Series MFPs

Designed for use by midsized to large workgroups with high volume requirements, elevated standards of security, and advanced finishing needs.
Choose from 10 different A3 colour, and monochrome MFPs.
Flexible and versatile to grow alongside your business.

Features and Benefits

Key attributes of this new technology include:

Streamlined business processes. Both pre-installed and downloadable apps help organizations to create workflows according to their individual needs. Achieve the same results with fewer steps by scanning documents directly to the cloud, or share electronic documents with colleagues with the touch of a button.
Cloud and mobile-ready. ConnectKey technology allows you to print, scan or share documents from any Internet-enabled mobile device such as […]

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Protect Your Business from Ransomware!

By now, you’ve probably heard about the recent “WannaCry” attack that infected over 300,000 Windows PCs worldwide. It locked users out from their data and demanded a $300 “ransom” per infected machine to regain access. If not for an accidental intervention, it could have been much worse.
Is Your Business at Risk?
If you can’t afford to lose access and you don’t have a disaster recovery plan in place, your business is at risk. Imagine if you lost access to your data for a day. What if you were locked out for a week? Would your business survive?

Here are four tips to help you protect your company from a ransomware infection.

Back Up Your Critical Data Every Day – This is a simple and effective defence. Your critical information should be backed up daily, and a copy kept offsite. The cloud is a cost-effective way to protect your data. If you back-up in house, do it to a separate drive, off your network and keep a safety copy offsite.
Don’t Open Unsolicited Email – Spam that contains malicious software or dangerous links are the most common way a cyber criminal can gain access and infect your network. If you don’t know the sender, or can not confirm a link’s authenticity, do yourself a favour and just delete it!
Protect Your Network – Update your operating systems and your devices’ security regularly.
Infected? Disconnect! – Infected systems should be quarantined and removed from your network immediately. Also disable bluetooth and wireless access. Determine what has caused the infection and if it is a known strain, help may be available. If not, do a clean OS install, restore your data from your backup and you’l be back in business quickly.

Security […]

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The Many Benefits of Mobile Printing

With more employees working outside of the confines of the office than ever before, cloud-based services have become a necessity in order to facilitate communication, provide easy access to files, and perform a number of everyday processes, including printing.

Mobile print technology allows the user to access print services from their mobile device, from anywhere they have an Internet connection. As this technology continues to evolve, more individuals and businesses are seeing the advantages of implementing mobile printing, yet a surprising 86 percent of SMBs have yet to develop a mobile print strategy. Here are a number of great reasons to get started.
Every device on your company network including your printers, are at risk of a security breach. A unified approach to mobile printing allows IT personnel to set the parameters for print security, effectively and securely avoiding issues with the routing and retrieval of confidential documents. Features such as data encryption, and user authentication requirements help reduce these risks even further.
Cost Savings
Implementing a mobile print strategy is an investment in the future of any organization that employs workers who routinely conduct business outside of the office. Cost savings are realized in a number of important areas, including network security, reduced burden on IT resources, and increased worker productivity.
Convenience and Productivity
Regardless of whether staff are working from home, out of town, at a distant branch, or are full time or part time, the same mobile print platform can be utilized to easily and securely print and share documents. Mobile printing apps utilizing GPS technology to pinpoint the location of the closest qualified printer, take the guesswork out of the equation, helping to save time and money on print costs.

Once the mobile print platform has been established, IT personnel […]

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Sophisticated Scanning from Xerox ConnectKey

Every time you have to sort through the stack of papers on your desk looking for a document, you’re using up valuable time. Digital files are easier to manage, keeping you organized and on-task. With Xerox ConnectKey-enabled multifunction printers, you can take advantage of powerful scanning capabilities to digitize your documents and clear up the clutter.
Scanning to the Cloud
Cloud storage makes it easy to share and transfer files, with easy access from anywhere in the world. Xerox ConnectKey technology allows you to scan and upload to the cloud from your MFP, using popular services such as DropBox, Box and Google Drive.
Mobile Scanning
When you can do work on the go, you’re able to get more done in less time. The Mobile Link app allows you to scan documents from your smartphone, as well as configure and initiate jobs. With this technology, you can get your work done whether you’re in the office, travelling, or on a job site.
Searchable PDFs
One of the major benefits of digital files is the ability to do a keyword search to find the document you need quickly and reliably. Xerox ConnectKey scanning can create a searchable PDF from your scanned document, making it easy to organize and search later helping you maximize your efficiency.
Editable Scans
Making changes to a document that only exists in hardcopy format, like an employee manual, can be a time-consuming and tedious process. When you use Xerox ConnectKey scanning, you can create editable files allowing you to easily make changes and updates, and store it all digitally.
Managing paper takes up valuable time and space. As many offices move to digital files, it’s important to understand the technology available to make your digital files work for you. Xerox ConnectKey-enabled multifunction printers not only […]

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Printer Security Risks: What You Need to Know

Cybercrimes are on the rise, with thousands of businesses falling victim each year. Hackers are always on the lookout for ways to access your data and disrupt your business. If you have a networked printer, as many businesses do, you may be leaving yourself open to attack.
More devices create more risk
For every unprotected device you allow on your network, you are increasing your risk of being a victim of a cyberattack. Through a single device, a hacker can access data throughout your network, conduct a denial of service attack, and wreak havoc on your network. Printers are especially vulnerable because they are often overlooked when security protocols are developed.
Encrypted data can help minimize any damage should someone gain access, and is especially important if you allow mobile devices to print. If a device isn’t being used, disconnect it from the network. If you have ports and protocols on your printer that are unused, disable them.
Unauthorized Access
Hackers can get onto your printer and steal the data, both from the hard drive of the printer and other unsecured devices. Even once you take your printer out of service, that hard drive can pose a threat. However, your printer poses another low-tech risk as well. Whenever you print confidential data, unauthorized people could see or steal those pages off the printer tray.
A good security protocol will include ways to ensure that only authorized people have access to your data. Printer hard drives should be regularly erased, and specific protocols should be followed to fully delete and destroy all data when you get rid of your printer.
User authentication is essential to good security. Passwords, swipe cards and other methods can all help secure your system, as well as […]

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Keep Your Business Afloat with a BDR Plan

When you think about all the things your business uses every day – devices, applications and documents – you realize how dependent you are on these for your business to run successfully. Outages, whether from a natural disaster or a device failure – can wreak havoc on your company. Planning for these events with a backup and disaster recovery plan can help facilitate a speedy return to business.

Plan for an Outage

Many aspects of your disaster recovery plan can fit into your overall business plan. In this way, your expense in planning is more than an insurance policy – it will benefit your business every day. Some services and plans you may want to consider include:

Automatic file backups to the cloud
Converting paper documents to digital files
Moving paper-heavy tasks to digital workflows
Document management services

Your disaster recovery plan may also be required to meet regulatory requirements for your industry.

Non-IT Strategies

IT, whether in-house or via Managed IT Services, will play a key role in your disaster recovery plan. However, you also need non-IT strategies for a more seamless recovery. Some key planning points include:

Make, and keep updated, a list of important contact information for employees, customers, service providers and suppliers. This list should be printed and kept in a safe place where they can be easily accessed in the event of an outage.
Develop a disaster protocol. Employees should have designated roles for which they are trained.
Develop a customer notification protocol. Customers should be notified when an outage is going to impact them, and kept apprised of the situation.
Plan for prolonged and serious outages. This may include more extensive notification procedures, including social media accounts, and plans for employees to work from […]

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Finding the Right MPS Provider for Your Business

Managed Print Services can be a game changer when it comes to saving money on print costs, reducing IT load, and streamlining your workflow. However, not all MPS providers are created equal. To get the most out of your investment in Managed Print, you need to find an MPS provider that can work with your business to help you achieve your goals. Before hiring an MPS provider, consider some of these factors:
The first step for many MPS providers is to analyze your current print environment to find areas where improvements can be made. You should understand what tools are used, what measures are taken, and how they use that information to assist your business.
Analytics also show you how well MPS is working for you. You want an MPS provider who will give you useful metrics so you can see your cost savings and performance.
Many times, an MPS provider will recommend buying some new equipment and changing some procedures. While it is sometimes necessary to replace some items to see the full potential, a good MPS will work with you and your budget to integrate as much of your existing infrastructure as possible, making changes only when they’re right for you. Anyone can design a system from the ground up; you want an MPS provider who will understand your business, your applications, your desires, and your budget and work within that to create the environment you need.
What works for your business today may not be what works for you tomorrow. You want an MPS provider that will grow with you, meeting your needs in the months and years to come. This includes areas such as:

Security, and the ever-changing threats to business
Digitization of files […]

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