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You’re Not Fully Leveraging Office 365

Tue Nov 24, 2020 | Deborah Hamon

Has your company, like many others, invested in Office 365? If you’ve had this software for several years, our guess is that you probably aren’t using it to its full advantage, and if you’ve just recently invested, you definitely aren’t. 

Why should you be concerned with fully leveraging Office 365?

Simple - Return on Investment & Productivity.

You’ve invested in software to help your team become more efficient and successful. They understand how to use email, and have used Word as a content creation software tool before, but what about the other tools? If you’re paying for Office 365, your business should be taking advantage of ALL of the solutions that Office 365 has to offer. You’re wasting money and leaving potential productivity on the table otherwise.

What solutions does Office 365 provide? 

The Office 365 suite addresses many common business problems and pain-points, including:

- Easy communication with online chat, video tools and web conference, and online meetings 
- IP telephony to bring your phone systems online
- Business process automation to replace manual repetitive tasks
- Store MORE data  
- Share, edit and view changes on documents online (collaboration just got a whole lot easier)
- Secure business-class email
- Regular cloud backups
- Lower server and maintenance costs 
- Strengthened security

    Let’s dive into a few of these a little deeper.

    Easy communication with online chat, video tools and web conference, and online meetings

    With Microsoft Teams, your employees can connect with each other, and with customers, from anywhere. Need high-quality audio, video, and screen sharing? How about a video conferencing solution that can accommodate anywhere from 2 to 10,000 people? Teams can do all of that.

    IP telephony to bring your phone systems online

    You can migrate your existing phone number to a brand new cloud-based telephony system, allowing your team to access your phone systems across their devices—all they need is an internet connection. 

    Store more data, and share, edit and view changes on documents online

    The days of needing to be in the same location or on the same network as someone to share files and documents are gone. With Office 365’s virtual file server SharePoint, your team can access, share, and store files from home, the office, or wherever they need to. Perhaps more importantly, they can do those things securely.


    Secure business-class email

    With Microsoft Exchange 2010 nearing the end of its shelf-life, and the fact that Microsoft will soon discontinue supporting it, it’s important to begin the process of migrating Exchange email servers to Office 365 to take advantage of Outlook’s high-quality business email experience. With features like 100GB of email storage and the ability to send emails up to 150 MB in size, your team is sure to love it.

    Regular cloud backups

    Easily ensure your documents, images, and files are always accessible, through regular backups to OneDrive. OneDrive also offers ransomware protection - keeping your backups safe.

    Stay up to date 

    Your company should always be striving to adapt and adopt new technologies. Customer needs change, as do those of your business—especially in the era of COVID-19. Your business should be working to figure out new ways to meet these needs. When your team is confident and prepared with the right tools, it reflects positively on your company and creates greater employee and customer experiences.

    Office 365 provides solutions to many business needs and problems. Contact us to find out more about our Office 365 solutions and how your business can get more out of them.