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Every Employee Needs Security Awareness Training

Tue Sep 21, 2021 | jean-francois roberge

Did you know that 88% of data breaches are caused by users (Influencive, 2021)? Employees and human error, in general, are the driving force behind cybersecurity incidents. 

It’s time to shift our focus to security awareness and proper security training for our employees. 

What Is Security Awareness Training?

Security awareness training is conducted by IT and security professionals with the goal of educating employees on user risk. Training will help your employees understand:

  • The different types of cyberattacks they may encounter
  • Web and email security risks and what those look like 
  • How to instantly identify a threat 
  • The issues that can arise when they take specific actions 

XMA security awareness training courses

Do My Employees Need Security Awareness Training?

The quick answer is YES. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: cybercrime has skyrocketed over the past year and it’s just not worth the risk. A cyberattack will cost your company time, money, and it will negatively impact your reputation. 

Security awareness training will help minimize the risk of your employees falling into a cyber trap. Your employees may think they have a good understanding of cybersecurity and how to avoid threats, but the statistics prove that isn’t the case. Cybercriminals are getting more intelligent and there are new tricks coming out every day. No one employee can keep on top of ALL of it.

Investing in employee education on cyber threats is a smart business decision. During our training sessions—which are available via e-learnings and micro/nano learning videos, they will be kept informed about the latest risks and learn how to not only avoid cyberattacks online but also in person (think: tailgating and document disposal).

Best Practices for Security Awareness Training

Proper, ongoing training is essential to your company’s safety. A one-time training session may seem like the easiest way to handle this, but it is simply not as effective. 

Here’s Why:

One-time training sessions tend to overwhelm. A lot of information is given at once (which makes for a LONG and boring day) and even the most important parts of the training will soon be forgotten. Training should follow best practices such as using positive reinforcement rather than fear-based learning and delivering consistent and ongoing sessions in bite-sized chunks. 

Have a look at our approach. 


Training Topics

Many topics will be discussed during our training sessions, including:

  • Physical security
  • Social engineering
  • Confidentiality on the Web
  • Access control
  • Password security (and how to create strong passwords) 
  • Phishing (hameçonnage) awareness—how to recognize and deal with potential threats 


Our offer includes a combination of e-learnings and micro/nano learning videos that can be categorized based on employee roles.


It also includes unlimited phishing (hameçonnage) simulations so that IT admin can identify employees that are prone to clicking on phishing (hameçonnage) emails and have them follow extra e-learnings.

Our high-quality security awareness training sessions are given by IT experts—the content is engaging, informative, and multilingual. There are even quizzes available so employees can test their knowledge in a fun and interactive way!

Contact us for pricing and let’s get started today. 

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