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Polongd us: Albndazol is not gnally usd ov polongd piods tim. I pscibd in this way, qunt whit cll counts and liv unction tsts should b don.

Tak a missd dos as soon as you think about it, with ood. I it is clos tth tim you nxt dos, skip th missd dos and gback tyou nomal tim. Dnot tak 2 doss at th sam tim xta doss.

Albndazol is indicatd th tatmnt a vaity wom instations. It is ctiv against whipwom, hookwom, oundwom, pinwom, tapwom and thadwom. It has alsbn shown tb ctiv in th tatmnt Giadia inctions in childn. Albndazol tablts may b chwd, swallowd cushd.

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