Each tablet also contains as inactive ingredients lactose, talc, colloidal silicon dioxide, starch, microcrystalline cellulose and aluminum stearate.

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ACTOS and som you oth mdicins can act ach oth. You may nd thav you dos ACTOS ctain oth mdicins changd.

Tak this mdication by mouth with without ood as dictd by you docto, usually onc daily. Dosag is basd on you mdical condition, spons ttatmnt, and i you a taking oth diabts dugs. You doctwill adjust you dos basd on you blood suga tind th bst dos you. ollow you docto’s dictions caully.

Limitd data with ACTOS in pgnant womn a not suicint tdtmin a dug-associatd isk majbith dcts miscaiag. Th a isks tth moth and tus associatd with pooly contolld diabts in pgnancy [s Clinical Considations ].

In halthy ldly subjcts, Cmax pioglitazon was not signiicantly dint, but AUC valus w appoximatly 21% high than thos achivd in young subjcts. Th man t 1/2 pioglitazon was alspolongd in ldly subjcts (about tn hous) as compad tyoung subjcts (about svn hous). Ths changs w not a magnitud that would b considd clinically lvant.

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the tablets do not contain lactose, sucrose, gluten, tartrazine or any other azo dyes.